Project Management 

MMSI offers a wide range of competencies in problem solving services and activities structured to meet the unique requirements of each project:

  • Data Collection: This component ensures an accurate knowledge of the client's organizational culture, mission and performance. Activities may include empirical research, survey administration, and personal interviews.

  • Service Delivery/System Efficiency Audit: Depending on the mission of the client's organization, the operation, service delivery system, business processes, internal controls and physical plant are audited to determine cost effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Growth Projections/Needs Assessments: Those factors that drive the organization's growth, workloads and demands for service are identified and quantified within the context of its business environment. Product processes, gaps, shortfalls and unmet needs are documented.

  • Organizational Alignment and Business Process Redesign: The management and decision-making structures of the organization are defined. Existing operating policies and internal communications procedures are analyzed and business process systems are matrixed.

  • Business Plan: Depending upon the scope of the project or the problems identified, a business plan is prepared containing the following key elements:

    • Review of findings

    • Service/operations improvement identification

    • Process redesign opportunities and options

    • Workplace impact assessment 

    • Resource allocation strategy 

    • Implementation schedule

  • Implementation Assistance: The client may require assistance to ensure the smooth and positive implementation of business plan recommendations, particularly those that involve employee consensus, restructuring, and facility or systems redesign. Technical assistance services include project team identification, facilitation and task monitoring. Facility programming services are also offered along with transition and training program plans, comprehensive marketing and public relations strategies.

  • Evaluation Methodology: Using appropriate performance standards and research methodologies, procedures are designed by which effectiveness can be measured. The organization is then capable of conducting regular evaluation activities to ensure ongoing project improvements and goal re-assessment as may be required.


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